Our Teammembers

 Simon Waldburger

Age: 23

Discipline: 4Cross, Pumptrack, Dual

Goon-Talk: Since a few years I'm in the Scene and a lot has been the same. Each Race is a special experience. I love to travel with the team, the challenge to go to the limit on new tracks and of course the feeling, when the hard work pays off.

But with the time there were some changes. I began to constantly ignore my alarm clock.


Ingo Schegk

Age: 23

Discipline: 4Cross, Pumptrack, Dual, Enduro

Goon-Talk: I'm in the race scene since a few years and love to travel from one race to an other. Without the awesome atmosphere between the riders it would only be half as good. It's awesome to get to know new tracks and testing my skills/limits on them.

And let's be honest, Mc'Donalds can not be missed on a travel.