Fun is important! - Pic by
Fun is important! - Pic by

3. Run of the European 4cross Series 

In the last April weekend the 2nd MTBfestival took place in Reutlingen on the Panzergelände. The festival delivered the first golden event of the series what attracted many quick international drivers, under it also the topical world champion Mitja Ergaver


We already arrived on Friday afternoon, in hope that the rain didn't affected the track too much and we can already train. Indeed, we exchanged the wheel for shovels and helped preparing the track. 


After an extensive breakfast the still mushy track robbed of some strength in training. In the qualification there were 3 qualification runs and not as usual a time run. Simon and Ingo could decide in each case all 3 runs for themself and finished the qualification therefore on the 1st and 3rd place, because the local matador Benedikt Last could also win all 3 runs and landed therefore on place 2. 


By a total of 140 arrived drivers there were after the qualification some removals in the class Elite Men, so that a 32-tableau came about. In 1/8 Final Simon and Ingo could win their runs masterfully. In 1/4 Final Ingo made a mistake what meant for him at the end of the day 9th place. "Semi-final was clearly the goal, but, nevertheless, it was a successful day for me with good and strong runs. The day has shown me that my training brings me in the right direction.", believes Ingo about his 9th place. 


Simon could use his strong day form furthermore and won all his runs till the big finale. He also won the finale strongly with a start-finish victory without distress, because all the other drivers took the Chicken-Line. Moreover, the biggest competitor and local matador Benedikt Last was already taken out in the semi-final. "It was a good and successful day for me and all the other riders here, because the riders field was bigger and better than usual." was Simon's opinion about the day.


The next race for us will be in 2 weeks in Winterthur (SUI).


Simon Waldburger wins in front of Yannick Pfister and Channey Guennet
Simon Waldburger wins in front of Yannick Pfister and Channey Guennet

1. Round of the European 4Cross Series

After a long and hard winter training the race season 2017 began for us on 2nd April. Some world class athletes like Crankworx Pumptrack winner Channey Guennet showed up at the Dual-Pumptrack race at the Indoor-Bikepark in Pfäffikon.


Simon Waldburger had a good qualification run and qualified second place, only 2/10 behind Yannick Pfister who trains regular at the Indoor Bikepark. Ingo Schegk was satisfied with his run except for a little mistake he made and qualified 11th.


After lunch Ingo Schegk had to surrender in 1/8-Finals against Ingo Kaufmann who won the European 4Cross Series overall in 2016. "I am not satisfied with the result, but I expected that, because of health problems during winter. So no training no progress. The next races in April will show how my body develops and if I am competitive.", meant Ingo after the race.


Simon Waldburger tested his starting strategie during his first two final runs. After a quick discussion with the team he decided to start on the outside in semi-final against the world class pumptrack racer Channey Guennet. Head to Head they raced to the finish line where Simon Waldburger was able to decide the photo-finish for his advantage. In the Big-Final he raced against quali winner Yannick Pfister. Simon raced a perfect lap and won the 1. Round of the European 4Cross Series. "I am happy with my performance and winning the season opener. There were a lot of strong competitors and I stayed focus during the whole race. Today showed that my hard work payed off."


The next race for us will be on 22.April in Homberg (CH).

Simon Waldburger leads in front of Tomas Slavik
Simon Waldburger leads in front of Tomas Slavik

5. Round of the European 4X Series

At the last Weekend of July the 5th round of the European 4X Series was going on in Sarntal (ITA). Together with some friends of our Club we started our journey on Friday afternoon because of the longer distance. After arriving at the evening we already went for a little training session to get used to the track.


Saturday was race day. After a long training session with sunshine and hot temperature the qualification started at Simon started first and had a pretty good run which meant 2. place for him. Ingo started right after him and had also a good run that meant 5th place for him. After qualification there was a V.I.P. Race why we had 3.5h pause. We used it as a lunch brake and preperation time for the finals.


At 7p.m. the finals started in which Simon and Ingo got through the first round easily. In semi-final Ingo started with Tomas Slavik, Urban Rotnik and Andre Graf. He tried to pass Urban on the track and right before the finish line to get into big final but couldn’t make it work and had to go to the small final which he won and got on the podium with the 5th place.

Simon was together with Tomas Slavik, Urban Rotnik and Jan Evers in the big final. After a perfect Gate Simon went into the lead on first straigth. After a little mistake on the beginning of 2nd straigth Slavik used the opportunity and passed him. Simon tried to do a comeback but had to be fine with 2nd place at the end. All in all it was good raceday to learn from for the oncoming races.

3. Ingo Schegk und 5. Simon Waldburger
3. Ingo Schegk und 5. Simon Waldburger

4. Round of European 4X Series in Berkheim

After one month without any races the next race of the European 4X Series was in Berkheim. With sunshine and about 30 Degrees the riders could perfectly prepare for the next round of the upcoming 4X ProTour Race in JBC(Czech Republic). After the three qualification runs Simon finished on 3rd and Ingo on 4th. 

Both got easily through the first Round of the finals. In the semi final Simon wanted to test how much it takes to go into first position with the outside line. Unfortunately he crashed and had to go on with the small final. Ingo got into the big Final behind the Race Winner Ingo Kaufmann. In the small Final Simon dominated and finished the day with a 5th place. Ingo didn't had a good start in the big Final and tried to attack for second Place but couldn't make it work. He finished on 3rd place what means his first Podium in Elite Class.


Simon Waldburger wins in front of Aiko Göhler & Tom Scherrer
Simon Waldburger wins in front of Aiko Göhler & Tom Scherrer

3. Round of the European 4Cross Series in Reutlingen

In sunny and warm weather, the 1st MTB Festival in Reutlingen took place on Saturday. For the training some spectators already appeared at the track site. In the qualifying rounds, Simon could finish with the 2nd and Ingo with the 8th Place. In the afternoon, the finals started with the 1/8 Final in which both drivers were able to assert confidently. In the next run Ingo unfortunately had to be satisfied with 14th position after a failed start. Simon Waldburger could confidently be in the final after a small battle in the semifinals. In the final, he won with a solid start-finish victory.

1. 4X ProTour Race in Winterberg

At the first race of the 4X ProTour this year it was called for both our drivers to see where you stand internationally with their performance. Has the training been enough for the top?

In sunny weather and 20 degrees Simon Waldburger and Ingo Schegk drove together on Friday to Winterberg. In yet warm temperatures the track Walk stood before at which slight changes to the previous year were observed. On Saturday the first practice started, unfortunately, there were now only less than 5 degrees. After a trouble-free training qualifications were on. Simon Waldburger could shut down a solid run and secured at the end of the 7th Place. Ingo Schegk also drove a good run, but felt at the end of his legs and was at the final jump a little too short. Nevertheless, he still reached number 21st.

Sunday began with snow. From early morning until shortly after noon it was snowing in the cold Winterberg. In training the drivers, however, noted that this was positive for the track, which now had more grip.

Due to the large field of riders a 64th Tableau was extended. In the first race, Simon was triumphant winning from start to finish. Ingo Schegk also drove confidently in the first run to the second spot to the finish and held off an overtaking attempt by the World Champion of 2015. In the next round the pace was quite a bit quicker and there were no errors in it. Simon and Ingo could again bring a good run to the finish and went on to the next round.

Quarterfinals: Ingo Schegk was at the first corner in 4th place, trying to ride into 2nd place in the second turn he slipped away and couldnt finish the turn. Thus he left and ended the race in 16th place for him it was a satisfactory result, because he felt after his injury well and handed in a good race. Simon Waldburger other hand was able to prevail on the start line in a two-fight and drove the lead until the finish. However, in the semi-final Simon had no perfect start and had to move to the 3rd place in the small final. There, he could show his power again and drove confidently with this victory on the 5th overall place. It was a good race for him and once again showed that it suffers no mistake to go to the top.

Podium Elite Men
Podium Elite Men

Seasonstart in Homberg

The first race of the European 4Cross Series startet as expected with continual rain. After the track walk we went straight to training. We didn’t ride to much to save our strength for the finals on these hard and muddy conditions.

In qualification Ingo decided to go for a save run. Although he came down without a crash, he wasn’t happy about his run. Finishing on the 13th place was better than expected.

Simon gave his best to finish with a good qualification, what, in his opinion, could be deciding the race.     He had a solid run and finished in 4. Place.


In the first round of the finals Ingo could finish with a start-finish victory. Simon had a free lap and was automatically in the next round oft he finals.

In 1/8 finals, Ingo had to start on the slower start line and was a few meters back after the start slalom. He fighted his way back and tried to pass his opponent with a finish sprint. Unfortunately he couldnt click in again and finished the race with an 11. Place.

Simon had a save run down to the finish in his 1/8 final. In his ¼ final he faced the earlier opponent who beat Ingo. On the start slalom simon risked too much and slipped. While that he did flag mistake, which costed a lot of time to correct. Unfortunately he was out too and finished the race with a good 5th place.   


The Race showed us that we’re ready for the season and can expect some good results. Also, that Ingo feels well again and can handle the race day without any problems. We’re looking forward to the 2. Round of the European 4Cross Series in Winterthur(CH).